MEGHAN MARKLE holds a position of royalty that seems to be a perfect fit.

Long Live The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Off to a blinding start. Brill!

They got on from the start, Harry and Meghan.  And Americans love anything Royal. This is a huge breakthrough for the Royal family. And the photos are stunning. 

See 72 photos at Huffington Post


THEN THIS! (before the wedding)

Then just plain Meghan (hardly) remains totally composed in this interview even though you can see she is bursting at the seams with joy.


Betcha you can figure out what a "Flutter" is

I have a flutter on the Royal couple and their marriage . I think they will be together for a very long time. We'll see.

Gen up

This is what I ask my peeps to do each time they hear a new story. Don't rely on one source. Gen up. If you have the "gen" you know what's going on.


“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
Mark Twain

"Give us a bell"

Simply means "Call me"   Our friends across the pond like to use the plural.

"Knock me up"  means "Wake me up."  But it's also used to mean to make something useful out of odds and ends. 

EX: "I'm going to knock up a delicious meal out of these scraps."


Literally? Testicles. But think of it instead as an expression that describes something that's no good OR it's the best. It's all in the way you phrase it. "He's talking bollocks." (He's just talking rubbish.) OR  "Now that's the dog's bollocks!" (Awesome)

Bent as a nine-bob note

Dishonest, corrupt.  The nine-schilling (bob) note, does not exist. "Watch it, mate. Coach purses my arse. She's bent as a nine-bob note."

Allons, enfants #Resist

Ready for a revolution?

I wonder whether our country is headed for another Civil War. And if so, are we ready?  Is that why the NRA hangs so fiercely to its traditions? Afraid there is a Madame deFarge at every corner? The hashtags #resist, #resistance are everywhere,  mes amis. If the majority of Americans don't soon get what they want--i.e. Donald OUT--what's next?

Cause and Effect Reboot-Civil War and French Revolution

It's not easy to find objective writings on our own Civil War but here's the best I can do: 


Be sure to get the facts on the Dred Scott case (1857)  and John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry in 1859 


After Lincoln’s election in November 1860, seven southern states–South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas  seceded from the United States.

For info on The French Revolution, there's an easy read about my favorite Dickens character, Madame Therese DeFarge. https://www.shmoop.com/tale-of-two-cities/madame-defarge.html

How do riots begin?

If you weren't around during the sixties, it's a good idea to check out some of the events of that era. It was one of the most pivotal points in our country's history.  Viet Nam was a thorn in every liberal's and hippy's side and Dr. King was assassinated.

That would be enough but there was a lot more shit going down. Years of suppressed frustration;  poverty; intimidation; hiring and workplace discrimination; police brutality, malnutrition and humiliation. It's a vicious cycle of seething that eventually leads to a feeling of adrenalin rush and rage. A flinch of an eye or being in the wrong place at the wrong time  can throw  progress back a hundred years. Four hundred.

Check back for updates.

Facts Matter

I applaud the potential of technology. I'm not enthralled by the way we use it. Gather as many facts and double check them before you write anything that will hit the Internet. Once it's out there, it is always there.

#Never Again

This is open for a while for stories and updates on the courageous young people who are leading the fight for tougher gun control .  Please send us your stories and pictures. 

Write Away

You need me. You just don't know it yet.  Miscommunication, fostered and foisted upon us by 24/7 news with under-educated hosts and guests are making you stupid.  I try to help by CLAIRE-ifying. 



Word Up!

Got a grammar question, have you?

Claireli  I have been watching too many subtitles on British TV. That line above  appears grammatically askew but it must be enunciated with a slight uptick like the villagers of Port Wenn sing it. And Blimey! You're talking like Bert Large from Doc Martin.

Seriously though, if you have a grammar question (American English) drop me a line on the form to the left. I will answer it to the best of my ability.right here.